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lifetime Therapy 

Person Centred Counselling in Cornwall



Lifetime Therapy is a Counselling Practice and Wellness Clinic in Truro, Cornwall​

Lifetime Therapy is a humanist, people-centred practice. We believe that, given the appropriate conditions, every individual has limitless capacity to heal, to come to new thoughts and beliefs and to change the way they view the world, others and themselves.

These changes are often recognised by a growing ability to live in the moment and to apply compassion to self. Through mindful acceptance, supported by an empathic and honest practitioner, improved mental health and freedom from distress can be found.  

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Recovery sessions are for those of us with addictions. Dependency devastates our lives, rips our families apart and blights our ability to feel compassion - for self and others. At Lifetime, we don't believe in quick fixes; our trained therapists offer honesty, acceptance and empathy to establish and cultivate healing. Your Recovery path will be bespoke and could comprise one-to-one sessions, group or family discussion, or intervention in your space or ours. Change is possible when we modify our arrangements with ourselves and others; it is our role to support you in making this change one that lasts.


Wellness is a one-to-one therapy for everyone. We are all likely to find our wellbeing threatened by anxiety, depression or persistent psychological distress at some time in our lives, and by tending to our mental health we can grow stronger, freer and learn to accept and feel at peace with our mental landscape. One-to-one counselling cultivates change, helping you find new perspectives.


Wilderness one-to-one sessions translate our Wellness counselling therapies to the outdoors. Sometimes described as "eco-therapy", working therapeutically outside brings us into contact with the environment as a healing space; by immersing ourselves in nature we are reminded of our connectedness with wider landscapes and richer ecosystems and access different thoughts and emotions, enhancing our experience of growth. In Cornwall we can walk and talk by rivers or seas, in woodland or on moorland and experience the richness of our landscape us a backdrop to healing.


For many of us, working in a group is vital in precipitating change. Often experienced as stronger than the sum of its parts, a group provides a space where seemingly impossible change can occur. Our counsellors are skilled in harnessing the healing qualities of feedback and support present in groups, often enhancing changes made in individual therapy. At Lifetime, we offer regular group sessions, as listed below, and establish new groups according to the needs of our clients. Art, writing and drama can all add to the effectiveness of groups and we have access to experienced facilitators in all these fields.


Horizons offers support when we are bereaved. The experience of bereavement can shake us to the core, threatening our wellbeing and our ability to withstand the demands of our complex lives. At Lifetime, we believe any form of deprivation or loss may be experienced as a bereavement and make no distinctions between the death of people or pets, the ends of a relationships or careers in their capacity to affect our health and potential for growth. Horizons is a space of comfort and healing where we work at your pace for as long as it takes to find peace.


Wherever you are in the world we can be there for you. Perhaps you have a holiday or business trip coming up and are worried about losing the momentum of your Lifetime sessions; maybe travelling to our centre is impossible or inconvenient; or perhaps you simply prefer to work from the space in which you feel most comfortable. Anywhere means just that: with clients in Nepal and Mexico as well as London and St Ives, our practice recognises no barriers to your growth. Making use of FaceTime and Skype we can accommodate different timezones and work with you anywhere worldwide, in English. 


“These conditions: honesty, acceptance and empathy, offered skilfully by a trained therapist, will form the basis for change and healing.”

— Malachy Dunne, Founder